Five miscellaneous, nonpolitical revelations I had in 2016

No clickbait here, just a few discoveries that made my life better.

1. Your muscles hate you for all that computer & phone use, so get an electric neck massager.

Along with daily neck stretches & torso stretches, my massager has worked wonders on my comfort & sleep. I used to only sleep through the night about once every two years; now I sleep through the night once a week, & the nights in between aren’t as bad either.

2. Hack your notebooks by using them both front-to-back & back-to-front.

I don’t journal enough to keep a journal. I don’t write enough reminders to keep a calendar. And I don’t take notes in church or at rehearsals enough to keep a notebook for either of those things.

3. Uninstalling Facebook Messenger on your phone is a huge win for peace of mind.

No one needs to get ahold of you. If they do, they have your number. Free up some brainspace.

4. You can’t actually be mean to people & assume they won’t notice.

Oh, what? Really?

5. My biggest revelation: you can use oil on your face & you won’t die.

And it works better than oil-free moisturizers. When picking an oil, check out the bar graph below to find one that has a lot of green (linoleic acid) & not a lot of red (oleic acid). You’ll be sad to notice that coconut oil — every millennial’s favorite — doesn’t score super well on the linoleic front, though some people like it for other reasons. Regardless, way better than topical olive oil in every way.

Madison-born, Chicago-educated, LA-living. Pop/soul songwriter & lover of knowledge.

Madison-born, Chicago-educated, LA-living. Pop/soul songwriter & lover of knowledge.