The 2018 roundup

Little things that made my life better this year.

1. Time-restricted feeding (aka intermittent fasting)

Inspired by the research of Dr. Satchin Panda, I set the goal at the beginning of 2018 to practice time-restricted feeding (TRF) at least 5 days a week. I aimed to consume all food/drink within an 8- or 10-hour window each day, fasting from everything except water for the remaining hours. The effect on my sleep (yes, sleep — weird, right?) was incredible, & I experienced improvements in overall energy & mental clarity as well. TRF hasn’t been extensively studied yet, but these are common experiences for those who practice it.

2. Scrunchies (link)

Curly hair + fine hair + hair ties = breakage. Sick of trying to untangle my hair from its daily updo without hurting anything, I decided to copy the “Blurred Lines” models & get some satin scrunchies. Hope these stay in style for a while, because I’m never going back.

This girl doesn’t know how much she changed my life.

3. “Hammies” (link)

This one’s for my low-carb fam. Super simple, convenient, & delicious, these ham/egg cups (we call them “hammies” at my house because we’re us) have been a staple in my life since September. Love love love.

4. Habitbull (link)

The Habitbull interface.

5. Therapeutica sleeping pillow (link)

In 2016, I became an evangelist for electric neck massagers. This year, in the same spirit, I became just as enthusiastic about the Therapeutica sleeping pillow, which gives your neck great support whether you’re a back sleeper or a side sleeper. The pillow helps me sleep so well that I bought multiple, keeping one in each of the cities where I spend most of my time.

6. DevaCurl (both the shampoo & the salons)

I took shampoo suggestions from Facebook friends earlier this year & couldn’t be happier with DevaCurl, which was recommended to me by at least a dozen women. I had been increasingly feeling like anything with suds was damaging, so I was looking for something gentle but effective.

7. TSA Precheck (link)

Skip the airport security lines. Need I say more? With how much I travel for work, this was $85 well spent.

Madison-born, Chicago-educated, LA-living. Pop/soul songwriter & lover of knowledge.

Madison-born, Chicago-educated, LA-living. Pop/soul songwriter & lover of knowledge.